Are you a graduate accountant looking to accelerate your career? If so, then we have built a program that will get you there.

But first – Why is it important to expedite the development of graduate accountants?

There are two reasons. Firstly, from a business perspective, the quicker a graduate becomes a productive expert then the quicker we can generate revenue from them (it’s self serving but that’s business 101). Secondly, from a graduate’s perspective, the last thing you want is to spend three years developing skills that we can train in less than half that time. The sooner you become an expert, the more valuable you become to any accounting advisory firm.  And that means more $$$ (its a win for everyone).

So – What does it take to accelerate the development of a graduate’s skills?

Well there are two core elements that we deploy to achieve this.

The first element – We use a structured training framework designed for graduates in practice

We have built our own bespoke learning framework including online e learning case studies to help graduates build foundations skills in a short period of time. We also throw a lot of man hours at the training process. We use senior team members with years of expertise and knowledge who spend hours each day guiding and training on real world client work.  We have the very best expert accountants and they are excellent at sharing knowledge to expedite learning. No one falls through the cracks as they often do at firms with less well managed training.

The second element – We ensure there is significant training volume of real world clients

Expediting the development of a graduate accountant to turn them into a productive expert requires plenty of training volume. Just like going to the gym, if you only go once or twice a week then your volume is low and your progress will be commensurate with that. However, if you are doing plenty of supervised foundation work every day then your capabilities will develop exponentially faster.

What is the expertise pathway at 360 Partners for a graduate accountant?

Our firm provides a range of both general and specialist advisory services. We also work with a broad range of clients, most of often groups with business and or investment entities (including superannuation advisory). Accordingly, all team members get exposure to a broad range of matters and develop a range of expert skills to help clients. This can include more general accounting and taxation compliance expertise but will also include development of expertise in specialist advisory engagements (which may be strategic tax advisory or other analytical projects). So no one gets pigeonholed and stuck learning one thing. We find this makes a more well rounded adviser and it makes the role vastly more interesting with new challenges every day.

So if you are a graduate accountant looking to expedite your professional development and become an expert business advisor faster than the typical graduate journey, reach out to us today.

We look forward to meeting you soon.

And here is a little teaser of our Camberwell office to give you a feel for our working environment.