Mandatory Business COVIDsafe Plans – Don’t Get Caught Out

With lockdown now over and many businesses reopening their doors – is your business premises COVIDSafe? From 13th September this year, it became mandatory for all Victorian businesses to implement a COVIDSafe plan for their workplaces and business premises. With the strict lockdown only ending on 28 October it’s highly likely that many businesses have yet to contemplate this requirement and put something in place so now is the time to square it away.

Fortunately, the process of developing a compliant COVIDSafe plan is relatively straightforward and is easily done DIY by the business owner (after all every premises and business is unique). We posted some resources below to help small business owners get this resolved.


or you can visit here for more information

We made a short video outlining the six principles of COVIDSafe workplaces you can click to watch below.

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