How To Choose The Right Accountant – Part 2

Service, Quality and Cost

As we noted above, obtaining a quote from just an initial conversation from your prospective accountant may not be as simple as you hoped. As with most goods and services, there is generally a trade-off between price and the service (and quality of that service) that you receive. As they say “Price is what you pay, value is what you get.”

We have seen so many small businesses over the years with such poor financial records, no processes in place and worst of all the owner(s) of the business have not had any assistance from their accountant understanding their financial position. Not all accountants are created equal!!

With the advent of cloud based accounting platforms (Xero, MYOB, QuickBooks etc – more on these in a later blog) and other business related technological developments, the accountant’s role should be easier than it has ever been. A lot of the grunt work previously charged for by accountants is now automated or can be completed relatively easily and accurately (hopefully!) by the business owner.

Why Choose 360 Partners

At 360 Partners we use the latest technology, combined with our expert technical skills and significant business experience, to offer you the highest possible quality service at an affordable price. Over many years we have developed industry leading business practices to assist our clients while also founding or investing in several businesses – we haven’t just read it all in textbooks; we’ve run live, operating businesses in many industries. We’ve faced the same day to day issues, concerns, questions and operational matters you have faced! So what does that all mean?

·         High quality technical advice – our mission is to improve your financial position while reducing your financial risk. Ensuring your business is compliant with all of the complex areas of the various tax acts, Corporations Act, state based acts (duties, payroll tax etc) and meeting any banking covenants is of utmost importance to us;

·         Fixed price compliance – we offer a range of fixed price compliance packages, tailored to the size of your business and your level of skill, time constraints, involvement etc. You know what you will pay and what is included (and excluded) in your package;

·         Streamlined processing – we use technology to make your job of running your business as easy and hassle free as possible. We have been paperless since 2005, are a Xero Certified Silver Partner, experts in all accounting packages, use digital signing software so you can sign your financial statements and tax returns anywhere, anytime, without having to print out documents

·         Great service – along with all of the above we pride ourselves on great service. We have a dedicated team willing and ready to answer all your queries within 24 hours of your phone call or email (we may need more time to get you a detailed answer to a complex problem but we will clearly convey this and not just leave you hanging)

So for a free, no obligation discussion about your business accounting and taxation requirements please give us a call or email us at